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What You Need to Know About Car Insurance Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty discounts are also called patronage discounts, which can be described as price drops provided to steady customers. Car insurance companies have used this practice to help retain customers. In […]

Insurance Checklist for the New Year Coverage Review

Having enough insurance is necessary, but how do you know if you are sufficiently covered? It’s important to conduct an insurance review every year to ensure that you always have […]

4 Reasons Life Insurance Is a Great Christmas Gift

Giving life insurance as a Christmas gift may be a little unconventional, but it is practical and makes good financial sense for all involved. Whether you are looking out for […]

3 Commonly Overlooked Features of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies are commonly regarded as something that will benefit the family of a loved one after they pass away. That is not the only benefit they offer. In […]

4 Effective Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Homeowners

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time for everyone involved. Thanksgiving is often a favorite holiday simply because of all the great foods you get to enjoy. Every […]

4 Ways in Which Business Insurance Can Save Your Company

Purchasing an insurance policy for your business is the best way to protect your company and the people who work for you. When your business experiences a devastating loss, your […]

4 Different Policy Options You Can Consider When Buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance has been made mandatory in every state, which is why it’s important to get the policy you need at an affordable price. However, before you start looking for […]

Know When to Review Your Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family from experiencing financial hardships if you pass away while they are still relying on your income. For many families, having a solid life insurance policy […]

Home Insurance Myths vs. Truths-What You Should Know

When it comes to homeowner’s policy, everyone has a story about what is covered and what isn’t. While much of what is said may be true, misinformation can get passed […]

Easy Tips to Sanitize Your Home Naturally

The coronavirus pandemic has made us realize the importance of personal hygiene. At the same time, it has also highlighted the importance of keeping your surroundings clean, and this is […]

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: What You Should Know

Workers’ compensation insurance has been in practice in the US since 1949. Most states have mandated it for enterprises as preventive measures to protect both the workforce and business. What […]

Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Vandalism or Theft

The threats of theft and vandalism are increasing, so homeowners would like to increase the security and protection of their homes. You need to add security systems and upgrade certain […]

What Happens to Your Auto Insurance As Your Vehicle Gets Older

You may think that your auto insurance premium would decrease as your vehicle gets older. However, your auto insurance premium is not only determined by the age of your vehicle. […]

All You Need To Know About High-Risk Homeowners Insurance

Your home is one of the most valuable assets for you and your family. Keeping your house safe should be one of your top priorities, and you must be willing […]

A Quick Safety Guide to Riding Your Motorcycle in a Group

A motorcycle ride can be fun, especially in a group. Whether you are a passionate motorcyclist or just another person with a bike, a ride with your buddies can act […]

Facts You Need to Know Before Buying an RV

There are numerous factors to consider before buying a recreational vehicle, from the model to the value of money. The seller will give you minimum information, so it is up […]

Why Life Insurance Is a Smart Investment?

There are many doubts when it comes to getting life insurance. Most of the time, it is purchased for risk management in case of sudden sickness or death. Do you still […]

Tips to Prevent Common Summer Risks

While summer can be a great time to play in your backyard and enjoy some outdoor activities, it is also the time when you need to stay safe from storms […]

Enjoy a Great Summer with These Expert Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Summer is the best time to take part in outdoor activities. Spending some quality time in the swimming pool is a popular summer activity. However, swimming can pose some risks, […]

Expert Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Summer

As the temperature rises and days get hotter, it becomes essential to keep track of all the motorcycle maintenance tasks in summer to ensure that your vehicle is safe and […]

How to Stay Updated Without Affecting Your Mental Health

There is a strong correlation between news and mental health. Reading or watching the news continuously can be stressful and affect your mental health. A lot of people experience anxiety […]

Purchasing a Car During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Here’s What You Need to Know

Coronavirus continues to spread and social distancing is recommended. However, surviving the pandemic does not mean that you cannot buy a new car. Getting a car during the coronavirus outbreak […]

Tips for Small Business to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected small businesses. It is a difficult time for them, as the supply chains and productivity are disrupted. They are concerned about whether they can survive […]

Pro Tips to Take Care of Mental Health During Social Distancing

Coronavirus has changed the way we work and socialize. While staying in self-isolation and practicing social distancing helps us stay safe, they also negatively impact our mental health. Follow these […]

Reasons Why Home Insurance Rates Depend on the Location of Your House

The home insurance premium rate varies from one location to another. Like the age and construction of your house, the location is another factor that the insurance agency uses to […]

Important Types of Insurance for New Businesses

Protect your startup with the right commercial coverage. When you open a business, you are opening yourself up to risk.  This is why it’s so important for business owners to […]

Can I Extend My Term Life Insurance?

What happens when your term life insurance policy expires? One of the major concerns with term life insurance is that your coverage will eventually expire.  This is why many policyholders […]

Protect Your Home from These Pests

Preventing common pest infestations. During the warm spring months, insects and vermin are more active.  As a homeowner, this means that your risk for infestations is higher.  To ensure that […]

When Do Kids Get Removed from Their Parents’ Auto Insurance?

When do kids need their own auto insurance? When your teen first learned how to drive, you probably insured them under your auto insurance policy.  However, as your child gets […]

Tips to Protect Your Home from Thunderstorm Damage

How you can avoid serious thunderstorm damage to your property. If you live in an area prone to major thunderstorms, then you know just how devastating the damage left by […]

Securing Insurance for Spring Break

Protect yourself with the right insurance this spring break. As temperatures gradually increase, the promise of spring is in the air.  For many students and families, spring is all about […]

Tips for Women Who Want to Start a Business

Helpful tips for female entrepreneurs. International Women’s Day is coming up on the 8th.  As this holiday is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women throughout history, now […]

How to Help Your Teen Handle a Bad Relationship

How you can support your teen if they are in a toxic relationship. February is Teen Dating and Violence Awareness Month.  A major goal of this month is offering resources […]

How to Secure a Home Loan When You Have Bad Credit

Have bad credit?  Then here’s how you can still be approved for a home loan. If you have bad credit, then getting approved for a home loan can be challenging.  […]

Financial Matters Couples Should Take Care of Before Getting Married

Important financial steps for couples. If you have gotten engaged or are thinking about getting engaged, then congratulations!  This is a major step for you and your partner.  However, before […]

Don’t Slip Up on Your Car Maintenance

Don’t make these car maintenance mistakes. Unfortunately, many car owners get lazy when it comes to taking care of their vehicles.  While skipping a few service appointments and forgetting to […]

How You Can Get Organized

Tips for getting your home organized this year. If you are like many other Americans and have set a resolution to get organized in 2020, you may not know where […]

Winter Pet Safety Tips

Keep your furry friends safe all winter long. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to protect your pet from all the dangers that they face.  Unfortunately, during the […]

Factors That Can Increase Your Home Insurance Premiums

Here’s why your homeowners insurance may have gotten more expensive. If you are approaching the renewal period for your homeowners insurance, then it’s time to look over the policy summary […]

Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting Auto Insurance with Your Partner

The benefits of getting a joint auto policy with your significant other. If you are in a committed relationship, then you and your partner should consider getting a joint auto […]

Suggestions for Driving Safely with Your Pets

Take care of your pets as you drive them around. As a pet owner, you often have to drive with your pets in the car.  While this probably does not […]

How You Can Reduce the Stress Associated with Hosting a Party

Try out these suggestions to host a stress-free holiday party. If you are hosting an event this holiday season, then you may be feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to […]

Why You Should Gift Your Loved Ones Life Insurance for the Holidays

Why life insurance is the unexpected but highly-appreciated gift that you should give this holiday season. When most people think about buying gifts, they tend to focus on materialistic things […]

These Are the Most Common Home Insurance Claims During the Holidays

Watch out!  These types of home insurance claims go up around the holidays. With the holidays right around the corner, you are probably excited to decorate your home, celebrate with […]

Life Insurance for First-Time Parents

What new parents should know about life insurance. If you have just had your first child or are about to, then you need to secure life insurance to protect the […]

What to Know About SR-22 Insurance

Understanding what SR-22 insurance can do for you. If you are charged with being uninsured during an auto accident or if you have been convicted of a DUI, then you […]

What to Consider During Your Annual Insurance Review

What to look for when reviewing your insurance. The end of the year is a great time to review and update your various insurance policies.  Updating your coverage now ensures […]

Think About This When Choosing a Home Security System

Weigh your home security system options. If you want to protect your home, possessions, and loved ones, then investing in a home security system is a smart idea.  However, before […]

Celebrate National Pizza Month with This Recipe

Try out this fresh twist on a classic pizza. October is National Pizza Month!  In honor of this month, you should serve up a tasty pizza dinner that your whole […]

How You Can Limit Your Social Media Use

Try out these suggestions to spend less time on social media. For many people, simply checking the time on their phones can quickly turn into hours wasted on various social […]

Key Features for Your Life Insurance Policy

What to look for in life insurance policies. If it’s time to secure life insurance, then you may not know what you are looking for.  While your coverage needs should […]

How You Can Successfully Sell Your Home This October

Tips for selling your home this month. If you want to sell your home, then you might be worried about putting your home on the market in October.  This is […]

How to Prevent Common Home Insurance Claims

Protect your home from common claims events. As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with is an unnecessary insurance claim.  Fortunately, you can take certain steps to […]

Common Excuses for Putting Off Life Insurance

Why people procrastinate on their life insurance. Many Americans put off getting life insurance as long as possible.  But why do they procrastinate on this essential coverage?  Here are some […]

Why Vaping Raises Your Life Insurance Rates

Why e-cigarette usage means higher life insurance costs for you. When you apply for life insurance, there are many factors that will influence your rates.  For instance, life insurers will […]

Can Crime Rates Influence Car Insurance Costs?

Why your area’s crime rate affects your auto insurance rates. When insurance providers calculate your auto rates, they will take several factors into account.  Some of these factors are considered […]

What Happens to Your Auto Insurance if Your Car is Repossessed?

What to know about your insurance when your car is repossessed. If your car has been repossessed, you probably have a lot of questions.  One of the things that you […]

Public Wi-Fi Safety Guide

Here’s what you should do to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi. In today’s day and age, most people do not think twice about connecting to the public Wi-Fi networks […]

Great School Lunch Ideas

Try out these yummy school lunches this year. Now that school is about to start, it’s time to start thinking about packing your kids’ lunches.  While you do not want […]

Suggestions to Stay Cool This Summer

Try out these ideas to beat the heat this summer. Now that summer is here, temperatures are on the rise.  This means it’s time to find ways to escape the […]

Summer Outdoor Date Ideas

Get romantic this summer! Want a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather with someone special?  Then try taking your date nights outdoors.  Here are some of the cute […]

How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam

Try out these suggestions to prepare for your life insurance medical exam. When you apply for life insurance, the insurance company may require you to undergo a medical examination.  While […]

Stave Off Heat-Related Illnesses This Summer

Take these precautions to protect yourself from the summer heat. As temperatures increase, so does your risk for serious heat-related illnesses.  If you are not careful, then these illnesses can […]

Understanding the Risks of Having Poor Cyber Security

Poor cyber security can cost your business dearly. As a small business owner, you are responsible for protecting the sensitive information of your customers and your business.  Failing to employ […]

Take These Extra Costs into Account When Car Shopping

Factor these costs into your car’s purchase price. When you are car shopping, it’s important that you understand your full financial obligations before attempting to purchase a vehicle.  This is […]

Should You Go New or Used When Buying a Car?

Consider these factors when deciding between a new and used car. If you are shopping for a car, then you might not know if you should go new or used.  […]

How Insurance Providers Pay Claims

Here’s how home insurers will pay out claims. After filing a claim with your home insurance provider, you may be anxious about receiving your payment.  To help you know what […]

Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Swim When They Are Young

Why early swim lessons are a good idea. If you are planning on spending this summer by the pool, at the beach, or near other bodies of water, then it’s […]

Does Insurance Follow the Driver or the Vehicle on a Borrowed Car

What to know about your auto insurance before lending out your car. When you let a friend borrow your car, you might assume that their auto insurance will be the […]

Know These Important Things About Your Home Insurance

Key things to know about your home insurance policy. It is only in the wake of a major damage event that many homeowners find out how little they know about […]

Protect Your Apartment from Burglars

Try out these suggestions to protect your apartment from thieves. If you live in an apartment, then it’s likely that your home is in the middle of a high traffic […]

What to Do If Your Car is Declared a Total Loss

How to manage a total loss vehicle claim. If you’ve gotten into an accident and your insurer has declared your car a total loss, you may not know what to […]

Safety Tips to Teach Your Teen Driver

Here are some of the safe driving lessons you should pass onto your teen. If you are teaching your teen how to drive, then you want to pass on the […]

Why Some Dogs Are Considered Too Dangerous to Insure

Is your dog covered under your home insurance? While you know that your dog would never hurt a fly, home insurers don’t feel the same way.  In fact, there are […]

Tips for Managing Your Stress

Try out these strategies to reduce your stress. April is Stress Awareness Month.  A major goal of this month is to teach people different strategies to deal with their stress.  […]

How Do Your Driving Habits Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Which driving habits affect my car coverage? When your auto insurer determines your premiums, they will take various factors into account.  One of the things they will consider is your […]

Protect Against Water Damage Caused by Household Appliances

Take these steps to stop your appliances from causing water damage. While most homeowners associate water damage with stormy weather and flooding, most household water damage is actually caused by […]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

Learn more about this holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend!  If you are like more Americans, then you probably associate this holiday with green beer and corned beef and […]

Why You Should Get a Smart Home Security System

The benefits of installing a smart security system in your home. While you already know that security systems are a great way to protect against break-ins and vandals, did you […]

Making These Car Insurance Mistakes Will Cost You

These common insurance missteps could be costly. For those inexperienced with the insurance industry, managing their auto insurance can be a challenging experience.  Unfortunately, this inexperience can lead to some […]

Can Home Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

Here’s what your homeowners insurance will cover when it comes to mold damage. Unfortunately, mold growth is a common problem that many homeowners have to deal with.  Not only does […]

Ways to Give Back to Your Community This Valentine’s Day

Show your community some love. While most associate Valentine’s Day with romantic dates with their significant other, this holiday can also be dedicated to spreading love to your community and […]

Why Having the Right Renters Insurance is Important

Here is why renters insurance is an essential coverage. As a renter, you know that your landlord is responsible for any physical damages to your rental space.  However, this does […]

Driving Safety Suggestions for Teens

Parents, here are some of the safe driving behaviors that you should pass onto your teen drivers. While the idea of your teen behind the wheel probably worries you, you […]

Suggestions for Shopping for Your First Auto Insurance Policy

Knowing these things will make first-time car insurance shopping a little easier. If you are looking to secure your first-ever car insurance policy, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. […]

Learning About Scheduled Personal Property Insurance

Here’s how this special type of insurance can fill your personal property coverage gaps. Your homeowners insurance policy offers you four main coverages: property coverage, personal liability coverage, loss of […]

Preserving Your Home’s Exterior

Try out these suggestions to reduce wear and tear on your home’s exterior this winter. During the winter, exposure to wet weather, freezing temperatures, and other harsh conditions can wreak […]

The Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in America

Is your car one of the most stolen vehicles in the country? According to data released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), older car models are favored by car […]

Take These Steps to Prevent Holiday Home Fires

Reduce your home’s chance of fire this holiday season. As a homeowner, you can imagine just how devastating a serious fire in your home would be. Unfortunately, during the holidays, […]

Online Shopping Safety Tips

Protect yourself as you finish your holiday shopping online. As the holidays approach, you are likely doing some online shopping. Today, online shopping has become such a regular occurrence that […]

What You Need to Know About Personal Liability Coverage and Your Homeowners Policy

Do you need to increase the personal liability coverage limits on your homeowners insurance policy? As a homeowner, you know you are open to certain risks. While you should be […]

Staying Safe During a Power Outage

Try out these suggestions to protect your home and belongings during a power outage. While most homeowners consider power outages mere annoyances, they actually have the potential to be quite […]

Stay Safe on Your Thanksgiving Commute

Try out these driving tips to stay safe this Thanksgiving weekend. If you are like many other Americans, you are planning on driving to a relative’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving. […]

Household Appliances That Commonly Start Fires

Watch out; these appliances can set your home ablaze. Fires are some of the most serious and devastating risks that a homeowner can face. This is why it’s so important […]

What Does Cancelling My Auto Policy Mean for the Future?

Here’s how cancelling your auto insurance policy now will affect your ability to secure coverage in the future. If you need to cancel your car insurance policy before your term […]

Keep Your Home and Guests Safe This Halloween

Take these steps to protect your home and Halloween visitors. As Halloween approaches, it’s time to get your home ready for party guests and trick-or-treaters. Taking the right precautions will […]

Get Involved This National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Try out these suggestions to observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to educating the public about the realities of this […]

Why There’s More to Standard Homeowners Insurance Than You Might Think

You might be surprised to learn that your standard homeowners insurance policy includes all these coverages. While many homeowners assume that their standard home policy only offers them minimal coverages, […]

Surprising Things that Can Void Your Homeowners Insurance

Here are some of the unexpected things that can result in the cancellation of your homeowners insurance policy. While you may assume that you will have homeowners insurance coverage so […]

What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Home Remodel

Getting the right coverage for your home remodel. Undertaking a major home renovation project can be risky. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have the right […]

Watch Out for These Common Electrical Causes of House Fires

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to these fire risks. As a homeowner, you can imagine just how devastating a house fire could be for you and your loved ones. This […]

Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?

Make sure you have the comprehensive car coverage that you need to stay safe. Drivers know how important it is to have auto insurance in place. However, do you know […]

Handling a Blown Tire While Driving

How to safely maneuver your car to the side of the road after popping a tire. Blowing a tire while you are on the highway or freeway can become a […]

Try Out These Suggestions to Get Kids Ready for the School Year

The new school year is looming; is your child ready? After a long summer of freedom and fun, it can be difficult for parents and children alike to readjust to […]

What is Car Insurance Misrepresentation?

Learn more about car insurance misrepresentation. Car insurance misrepresentation, also known as material misrepresentation, is a type of insurance fraud. Essentially, you are committing car insurance misrepresentation any time you […]

Car Insurance Versus a Car Warranty

Learn the difference between auto insurance and car warranties. Because both car insurance and car warranties offer protection for your vehicle, they may seem like they are overly similar. However, […]

Indications that Seniors Should Stop Driving

Watch out for these signs that it’s no longer safe for seniors to drive. While it’s unpleasant to think about, there comes a time when people age to the point […]

Suggestions to Help You Advance Your Career

Here are some tips to help you move forward in your career. Whether you want access to higher pay or a more fulfilling position, there are many different reasons why […]

What You Should Know About Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Find out what underinsured motorist insurance can do for you. As a driver, you know that there are certain auto insurance minimums that you are required to carry. Unfortunately, there […]

Summer Home Maintenance Tasks

Take care of your home this summer. Part of being a homeowner is making sure that you keep your home in good condition. Luckily, there are several steps that you […]

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Now?

Here are some of the things you should consider before deciding to pay off your home mortgage early. When you think about how much you will spend on your home […]

Why Your Auto Insurer Needs to Know These Things

Here’s why auto insurers request this information from you. If you’ve ever requested an auto insurance quote, you know that auto insurance companies request certain pieces of information from you. […]

Try Out this Grilled Recipe this Summer

Get your grill on this summer! Summer is grilling season! Ready to bust out your grill but looking for something a little more exciting than the standard burgers and hot […]

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Here’s how you can get your car ready for your summer road trip. Are you planning on embarking on a road trip this summer? If so, it’s important that you […]

Protecting Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

Take these precautions to keep your home safe while you’re away. Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer? If so, it’s important that you take steps to keep […]

How to be More Fuel Efficient

Try out these tips to stretch your car’s fuel a little bit farther. Do you feel like you are spending too much money on gas? While higher gas prices might […]

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Take these steps to improve your home’s safety. As a homeowner, you’re probably concerned about keeping your home safe for your loved ones. Luckily, there are many easy and affordable […]

What Happens When Your Car is a Total Loss?

Here’s what you should expect after your car is declared a total loss. Sometimes after getting into an accident, your car is damaged beyond repair. If this is the case, […]

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for a Barbecue

Try out these suggestions to prepare for a barbecue. Are you hosting a barbecue in the near future? Then it’s important to understand that a successful barbecue requires much more […]

Celebrate Spring with This Fresh Recipe

Showcase the flavors of spring with this delicious recipe. Spring is finally here! Want a delicious way to celebrate all the fresh flavors of spring? Try whipping up this tasty […]

Control Your Stress Levels This Month

Try out these suggestions to better manage your stress this month. April is National Stress Awareness Month, a campaign that looks to raise awareness of the damaging effects of stress […]

How Discount Car Insurance Can End Up Costing You

Find out how cheap car insurance can end up costing more than you ever imagined. No one wants to pay more for their auto insurance than they have to, and […]

Figures That Are Important to Your Homeowners Insurance

Learn about some of the values that are relevant to your home insurance. Your home insurance is a bit complicated, and it can be difficult to make sense of your […]

How Fault is Determined Following a Car Accident

Here are some of the factors that help your auto insurer determine fault. While auto accidents are not intentional, there is still a need for your auto insurance provider to […]

Protect Against Identity Theft

Try out these suggestions to secure your private information. In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to take steps to secure your personal information.  However, as technology advances, […]

Smart Home Security

Here are some of the new home security technologies that make protecting your home a breeze. New technological advances are taking the home security industry by storm!  In fact, there […]

Unexpected Things Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance

Here are some of the surprising coverages included in your homeowners insurance policy. While most homeowners understand that their insurance covers physical damages and losses to their property, they are […]

Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Find out why millennials should consider getting life insurance. If you are part of the younger generation, then life insurance is probably one of the last things on your mind.  […]

Other Drivers Covered by Your Auto Insurance

Learn who is covered by your auto insurance. While many generous car owners lend their cars out freely, it’s important that you understand who is covered under your insurance policy […]

Look Out for These Gaps in Your Homeowners Insurance

Are there gaps in your homeowners insurance? While most homeowners assume that they have adequate protection under their standard homeowner insurance policy, this isn’t always the case.  That’s why it’s […]

Observe American Heart Month

Try out these suggestions to observe American Heart Month. It’s American Heart Month; an annual health initiative held every February.  American Heart Month was established with the goal to encourage […]

Reasons Why You Should Book Your Summer Vacation Now

Here’s why you should book your summer getaway today. While summer seems like years away, there are some reasons why you should start thinking about your vacation plans today.  Not […]

Getting Your Engagement Ring Insured

Here’s what you need to know about getting your engagement ring insured. Many people consider their engagement rings irreplaceable, highly sentimental items.  If this is true for you, then you […]

Tackle These Home Repairs on Your Own

DIY home repairs. If your home needs repairs and improvements, things can add up very quickly.  However, instead of hiring a professional, there are certain repairs that you can handle […]

Extend the Life of Your Car’s Brakes

Try out these tips to make your brakes last longer. Do you feel like you have to replace your car’s brakes too frequently?  If so, there are things that you […]

Protect Your Car this New Year’s Eve

Learn how you can protect your car this New Year’s Eve. This New Year’s Eve, you probably won’t be thinking about your car as you ring in the New Year.  […]

Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Learn how you can protect yourself as you drive at night. While many people don’t give driving at night a second thought, it’s important to remember that nighttime driving has […]

Safety Precautions for Online Shopping

Learn how you can safeguard yourself as you shop online. If you are doing your holiday shopping online this year, it’s important that you take the necessary security measures to […]

Is Life Insurance as Asset for Those Over 50?

Find out why life insurance is still a worthwhile investment for you. If you are over 50 and your kids have grown and you no longer have any financial obligations, […]

How to Battle the Flu in Your Workplace

Don’t let the flu get the best of your business. Unfortunately for businesses, an office is the perfect breeding ground for the flu to spread.  However, if you’re a business […]

Pros and Cons of Whole Life vs. Term Life Insurance

Learn the difference between whole life and term life insurance. If you’re looking for life insurance, then you probably know that there are whole life and term life policies.  But […]

Unexpected Driving Skills to Teach Your Teen

Prepare your teen for unexpected driving situations by teaching them these skills. While your teen may be getting more comfortable behind the wheel, you know that they have more to […]

Thank the Veteran Community this Veterans Day

Learn how you can express your gratitude this Veterans Day. Veterans Day is November 11th.  In honor of this national holiday, take a moment to reflect on the brave service […]

Healthy Halloween Treats

Get ready for Halloween with these healthy treats the whole family will love! Halloween doesn’t need to be unhealthy to be fun.  Take a break from all the candy and […]

Car Insurance Mistakes that Could Cost You

Every car owner needs car insurance; don’t pay more for your policy than you have to. For many people, dealing with their auto insurance is a necessary evil.  However, cutting […]

Cleaning Your Gutters for Fall

Cleaning your gutters is an important part of fall home maintenance.  Learn the best way to clear out your gutters this fall. During fall, leaves can accumulate and clog your […]

Signs that Your Home Needs a New Roof

Learn when it’s time to get your roof repaired or replaced. With winter weather ahead, it’s more important than ever to make sure your roof is in good shape.  However, […]

Easy Time Management Hacks

Follow these easy time management tips to do more with your day! Sometimes 24-hours doesn’t seem like enough time to handle everything that’s on your plate. Between work, family, personal […]

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month.  How should you prepare? This month is National Preparedness Month (NPM), an annual initiative sponsored by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency).  Every September, FEMA encourages […]

How Do I Choose the Right Home Deductible?

Maximize your home insurance by choosing the best deductible for you! Deciding on your home insurance deductible can be a stressful balancing act.  Before starting the process, learn what a […]

Fall Driving Dangers

Stay safe this fall by watching out for these seasonal driving hazards. When temperatures drop and the kids get ready to start a new school year, you know that autumn […]

Organization Tools Your Home Should Have

Straighten and smarten up your home through organization techniques. A home is meant to be a warm and comforting place for you and your family. It’s your Home Sweet Home […]

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Cut down on gas consumption by adopting these fuel-saving habits. Do you find yourself constantly stopping at the gas station to top up your tank? If so, you may need […]

Do You Need Auto Insurance Add-Ons?

Does your auto insurance need all of the added bells and whistles? A typical car insurance policy covers you from having to pay for damages that you cause. However, for […]

Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Keep your cool this season by staying hydrated.  Now that summer has landed, the temperatures are rising and the heat is sweltering. It’s hard to believe that there’s a downside […]

Find out What You Need to Know About Getting Enough Home Insurance Coverage

Learn what you need to know about getting enough home insurance coverage. When it comes to your home, it’s important that you have the tools that you need to protect […]

Find Out How Laughing Keeps your Stress Under Control

Learn how to keep your stress in check with laughter! Stress is inevitable; it’s a normal part of life, especially in the workplace. With projects, deadlines, meetings and maintaining office […]

Reasons People Don’t Buy Life Insurance

While most people need this coverage, many don’t purchase it. We take a look at why. Being a responsible adult means that you make your bed every morning, pay bills […]

How to Conduct Your Home Inventory

Part of keeping your home safe is protecting it with reliable homeowners insurance. You may think that you know exactly what is in your home. However, when it comes to […]

What Should Go in Your Home Safe?

Items, such as these items you may need immediately, should be kept safe and sound in your home’s safe. Spring has come and gone and you still haven’t done a […]

How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Heading out on vacation? Be sure to protect your home! Where is this summer taking you? Whether it’s tropical, action-packed, or relaxing, many people go on vacations over the summer months. With […]

Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drive

Stay safe on summer roads with these tips. Whether it’s the daily work commute, the school run, or a summer road trip, driving in the hottest season has its challenges. […]

Insuring a Coupe vs. a Sedan

Decide on which ride is best for you. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover! Conventional wisdom might suggest that a bright and attractive coupe might be more to […]

Barbecue Safety Tips to Help You Minimize Your Risk for a Disaster

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Lessen Your Risk for a Car Crash When You Avoid These Common Causes of Accidents

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What You Need to Know About How to Stay Healthy for National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Get fit and health for National Physical Fitness & Sports Month with these exercise tips. When you’re healthy, you’re better apt to live a long happy life. It’s important to […]

Find Out How Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage Stacks Up to Your Needs

Review your homeowners insurance to ensure that you’re well protected from disaster.   When it comes to your home, it’s important that you protect it from disaster. Homeowners insurance helps […]

Be Ready for Spring with This Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

This strawberry cheesecake recipe is perfect for all your spring entertaining. Spring is here, and it’s time for plenty of seasonal entertaining. From backyard barbecues to family dinners, be prepared […]

Minimize Distractions on the Road with These Rules for Your Passengers

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Springtime Gardening Tips to Keep Your Yard Looking its Best

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Keep Mold to a Minimum in Your Home with These Prevention Tips

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Get Your Taxes Done Quickly and Efficiently with These Tips

Tax tips to help you file your taxes by the deadline. Getting your taxes ready to file is the last thing many of us want to do. We’ve put off […]

Protect Your Baby’s Future with the Right Life Insurance for New Parents

Get the right life insurance as a new parent. As a new parent, you’re getting used to looking out for your little one. From choosing the best nap schedule to […]

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with These Fun Facts

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All About Buying the Right Life Insurance Policy for Your Family

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Take a Home Inventory to Protect Your Home After a Disaster

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Check Out This Cake Pop Recipe to Help You Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Find the Right Auto Insurance by Asking These Questions

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Check Out These Home Remedies to Ease Your Cold and Flu Symptoms

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Keep Your Home Office as Tidy with These Tips for Get Organized Month!

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Learn How to Get Affordable Home Insurance as a First-Time Buyer

Find out what you need to know about getting affordable coverage as a first-time homeowner. Buying your first home is exciting. It’s a place that you can call your own. However, […]

New Year’s Eve Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Check out these affordable New Year’s Eve Plans. As you get ready to start a new year, it’s time to celebrate. Celebrate all the highlights of the year’s past and […]

Why Your Home’s Market Value and Insurance Value Differ

Learn why your insurance amount and your selling value may not match up. Keeping your home well protected is a top priority. With all sorts of threats to your home, […]

Be Wary of DIY Auto Repair Mistakes and Use These Tips

Work on your car safely and avoid these common DIY mistakes. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape is important. Routine maintenance and safe driving practices are a great way for […]

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Get Ready for Your Thanksgiving Meal with this Broccoli and Cheese Casserole Recipe

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Stay Safe on Your Thanksgiving Travels with These Road Trip Tips

Get ready for Thanksgiving travel with these road trip tips. It’s turkey time! Thanksgiving is here and it is time to enjoy a meal full of turkey and mashed potatoes, […]

Know How to Go About Getting Your Home Appliances Fixed

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Invest in Homeowners Insurance Policy Endorsements so You Can Protect Your Home

Get the policy endorsements that you need to protect your home. Your homeowners insurance gives you the protection that you need to keep your home secure from disasters, whether they’re […]

Be Smart About Your Child’s Halloween Candy with These Tips

Learn how to keep your children’s Halloween candy consumption in check.   Halloween is here. It’s time to choose your costumes, decorate the house, and carve the perfect jack-o-lantern. You’re […]

Be Ready to Handle a Car Accident with This Guide

Know how to handle a car accident so that you’re well prepared. When accidents happen, it’s imperative that you’re prepared. After an accident, you’re shaken up a bit, which can […]

These Heart Smart Foods Can Help You Improve Your Health!

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Find Out What You Need to Do When It Comes to Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Learn how to file your homeowners insurance claim correctly. When you come home from vacation to discover that your home has been robbed, or find that a fire has destroyed […]

The Health Benefits of Yogurt: Check Out What You Need to Know

Check out the health of benefits of yogurt. With all the latest and greatest food trends it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. However, […]

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Check Out this Chocolate Toffee Popcorn Recipe for Your Next Football Party

Check out this popcorn recipe for your next football watch party. Football is back, and so are delicious watch party treats. From chips and dip to burgers and beer, food […]

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Learn how to keep your home insurance from canceling. When it comes to your home, insurance is everything. It helps to keep your home and its contents protected so that […]

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Check Your Car’s Fluids Regularly to Keep Up on Your Vehicle Maintenance

Stay up on your car maintenance and check these fluids. Car maintenance can be stressful. With so many components, it can be difficult to keep track of what type of […]

Check Out Your Guide to Buying Your First Life Insurance Policy

Get the coverage that you need when buying your first life insurance policy. Life insurance is an important aspect of your family’s security. If anything happens to you, your family […]

Keep Allergies Away and Check Out These Tips to Prevent Allergies in Your Home

Keep your home clean to reduce allergy symptoms. Your home is a perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day. However, if you’re an allergy sufferer, your […]

Choose the Auto Insurance Policy That Gives You the Right Coverage!

Get enough auto insurance coverage and check out what you need to know. Driving a car is dangerous; it can even be lethal. That’s why driving a car is a […]

Do Your Loved Ones Know How to File a Claim?

Talk about life insurance with your family so that they’re prepared to make a claim. A life insurance policy is an uncomfortable subject. However, It’s a necessary evil. No one […]

Get Ready for Your Motorcycle Summer Road Trip with These Tips

Check out these tips for your motorcycle road trip! Summer is here! The beautiful weather and longer days make it the perfect time for a road trip. Dust off your […]

Summer Home Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Safe & Secure

Check out these home maintenance tips to keep your home secure. Summertime is here! Before you get ready to enjoy a season full of sun and beautiful weather, ensure that […]

Compare Policies to Get the Life Insurance That You Need

Lion Child

Brush Up on Your Camping Safety with These Tips

Be prepared for your camping trip with these safety tips. The kids are off from school and the weather is nice and warm. It’s the perfect time to go camping! […]

Check the Vehicle History Report Before Buying a Used Car

Find out what you need to know about vehicle history reports. Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy a car. However, when buying a used car, there are certain precautions that need […]

Safeguard Your Home While You’re Away With These Safety Tips

Protect your home from burglaries while you’re out of town with these tips! School is out for summer! With beautiful weather and without any school, it’s the perfect time to […]

Protect Yourself From Bug Bites With These Tips

Lower your risk of bug bites with these tips! Putting your health first is important. It’s important to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise, and get enough sleep to keep […]

Learn How Insurance Annuities Benefit You in the Long Run

Invest in your future with life insurance annuities! It’s important to think about your future. You want to ensure that you have the means to take care of yourself and […]

Find Out How Office Ergonomics Affect Your Health

Are ergonomic chairs good for you? When it comes to keeping your office a positive work environment, it’s important to keep your employees comfortable. However, sometimes the nature of the […]

Get Fit For National Physical Fitness Month With These Tips

May is National Physical Fitness Month! With our busy schedules, it can be hard to fit exercise into your schedule. It’s recommended that the average adult gets 30 minutes of […]

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Subcontractor For Your Next Home Project

Protect yourself from liability! Home improvements help improve your quality of life and make your home more comfortable. However, you may not have time for all those home improvements around […]

Stay Safe This Grilling Season With These Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue safety tips to keep you & yours from harm! As the weather warms up, springtime entertaining begins. Ensure that your next barbecue runs smoothly and safely. Avoid grilling mishaps […]

Know The Basics! Check Out Your Guide To Homeowners Insurance

Get the homeowners insurance that you need! When it comes to your home insurance, you want to ensure that you have the right coverage. A gap in your policy could […]

Pollen Control: Check Out How You Can Ease Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Lower your risk for seasonal allergies with these tips! Sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes. Allergy season has begun! Along with beautiful plants and flowers, spring brings lots of pollen. Fight off […]

Find Out How To Get The Best Travel Deals For Your Next Vacation!

Check out these tips to get the best deals on your next travel plans! When it comes to travel, the world is your oyster! With summer vacation approaching, there are […]

Life After Marriage: Learn How Matrimony Affects Your Auto Insurance

Determine what to do with your auto insurance after marriage! Congratulations, you’re getting married! It’s an exciting time in your life. As you prepare for the big day you’ll need […]

Insuring Your Rental Car: Make Sure You Have Adequate Coverage

Make sure that you have adequate coverage for your rental car! Road trips make for some of the best vacations. You’re free to roam wherever the road takes you. However, […]

March Madness Appetizer Recipe You Need To Try

Delicious and easy nacho recipe for March Madness! Sports and snacks go hand and hand. Whenever you watch a game, you need the right foods. As you get ready to […]

Home Insurance Gaps: What You Need to Know

Protect your home from costly insurance gaps! You’re the king (or queen) of your castle! You’ve invested in homeowners insurance and you always take the necessary precautions. You’ve ensured that […]

Easy Driving Tips & Tricks To Help You Save Money

Change your driving habits and save a bit of money! Small changes can make a big impact. When it comes to your finances, saving a little money is always a […]

American Heart Month: Healthy Habits To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Practice healthy habits to lower your risk of heart disease! Your health is in your hands. Be sure to take control of your health in honor of American Heart Month. […]

Flash Flood Safety

Stay safe from the dangers of flash floods. From the polar vortex to record-breaking heat waves, weather patterns in the U.S. have been a little crazy over the past few […]

Shop For A Car With The Best Safety Features

Shop for a car with all the latest safety features! With several tons of metal, flammable fluids, and the potential for reaching high speeds, driving a car can be extremely […]

It’s National Blood Donor Month

Celebrate National Blood Donor Month and donate! January is National Blood Donor Month. In honor of the occasion, get out and give! Blood donations are vital to the care and […]

Do Empty Nesters Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance for empty nesters. Life insurance is a valuable investment to make sure your family is cared for even after you’re gone. But what if your kids are all grown […]

Earthquakes, Tornados and Floods! Oh My!

Are you prepared for a disaster? While disasters don’t happen frequently, it’s still important to be prepared. With stormy weather, and potential for tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires it’s important […]

Renew Your Insurance Policies in the New Year!

Review and prepare to renew your insurance policies in 2016! As we ring in the new year, we review the previous year and look toward the year ahead! As you […]

New Years’ Resolutions for a Healthier You!

Be healthier in 2016! As the new year begins, it’s time to make your New Years’ resolutions! Start off the new year with these healthy New Years’ resolutions! Get more […]

What You Need to Know About Renter’s Insurance!

Protect your personal property with renter’s insurance! You may think that renting a home or apartment frees you from having to pay for homeowners insurance, but that may not be […]

Holiday Decorating Blunders To Avoid

Safely get your house ready for the holiday season with these tips. Can you believe the holidays are almost here? With only a few more days until your house starts […]

How To: Properly Storing Your Life Insurance Policy

Keeping the following life insurance information will help to give ensure your loved ones can benefit from the policy. Life insurance is meant to provide financial protection for your loved […]

How To Safely Navigate Black Friday Sales

Get everything on your Black Friday shopping list with this simple guide. Are you ready for Black Friday? With just a few days until the busiest shopping day of the […]

Keep You And Wildlife Safe On The Road With These Tips

Follow these tips to avoid an accident with wildlife this season. More than 2 million people are involved in a wildlife collision on the road each year. as the weather […]

Don’t Let Your Holiday Travels Ruin Your Festivities

Safely enjoy your holiday travels with these simple tips. With the holiday season right around the corner, you may be planning your road trip to go visit your loved ones. […]

Treat Your Children to a Safe Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids Halloween night is one of the best nights of the year for children! They get to dress up as their favorite characters and load up […]

What Weather is Bad for Motorcycle Riding?

Beware of Dangerous Driving Weather The safest thing to do when the weather is bad is not to drive you bike at all. However, if you must ride your bike […]

Aftermath of The Fire: Claiming Insurance

Homeowners Insurance & Fire Coverage Homeowners whose house has been damaged or destroyed will look to their homeowners insurance for relief. As fires can engulf belongings, valuable treasures, and a […]

Family Fun at Colleyville Haunted Trail Fest

Dress Up & “Come As You Aren’t” Join in on one of Colleyville’s most popular events, the Haunted Trail Fest! This event invites all mummies and monsters to gather for […]

Which Type Of Life Insurance Is Best For You?

Life Insurance Choices When the inevitable occurs and your loved ones are left to grieve, you will feel at ease knowing you have a customized life insurance policy in place. […]

What You Need To Know About Your Insurance Policies

Insurance Basics Insurance can be a tricky subject, especially if you are looking for your first policy. While you do not have to learn everything about insurance to find the […]

Should You Shred That?

Shredding Guide Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Falling victim to an identity thief can have serious financial and personal repercussions. One of the best […]

Finding The Right Storage Unit For Your Assets

Storage Unit Tips Storage units are a great way to clear out some of the clutter in your house while still holding on to your assets. Storage units are available […]

Labor Day Recipe: Grilled Turkey Sliders & Tomato Jam

Try This Delicious Recipe For Labor Day! Can you believe it’s already almost Labor Day? If you’re scrambling to pull your holiday barbecue plans together, you might be frantically rifling […]

Vehicle recalls on the rise: Is your car safe to drive?

Auto recalls have hit an all-time high in the United States, with over 100 million recalls tallied since the beginning of 2014. Should you worry about this? Yes. Your car […]

4 Tips to Save On Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Saving on Home Insurance All homeowners insurance policies are meant to protect your house. However, they are not all built the same, which means that they come at much different […]

How to Stay Safe While Merging on the Road

Safe Lane Changes In 2013, there were over 26,000 car accidents that involved vehicles that changed lanes when it was unsafe, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Knowing and […]

Properly Protecting Your Boat

Boat Insurance 101 Jumping on your boat is one of the best ways to enjoy the hot summer weather. No matter if you have a day cruiser or a yacht, […]

Mark Your Calendar for Coffee With A Cop!

Get To Know Your Police Officers You are not going to miss out on the next Coffee with a Cop! Head out to Market Street on July 16th at 8:30 […]

Properly Protecting Your Motorcycle This Summer

Motorcycle Coverage Options Summer is the perfect time to pull your motorcycle out of storage and cruise the open roads. Before strapping on your boots and buckling your helmet, it is […]

Getting Your Car Ready for Your Next Summer Road Trip

Car Maintenance Tips Loading up the car for a family road trip for the summer is one of the most popular pastimes in America. Even though road trips can be […]

Mark Your Calendar for Red, White & Sousa!

Red, White & Sousa Are you already in the 4th of July spirit? Then you will not want to miss out on Red, White & Sousa on June 26th! 100 voices […]

Tips to Avoid Heat Related Illnesses This Summer

Humidity Tips To Keep In Mind Summer in Texas means one thing – humidity. As the temperatures continue to rise, so does the humidity level, which can make the outside […]

Can You Insure a Car For Someone Else?

Auto Insurance For a Car That You Do Not Drive Normally you invest in an auto insurance policy if you have a have a car that you drive every day, right? However, […]

What to Expect From Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Life Insurance Medical Exams When you invest in a life insurance policy, it is not uncommon for your insurance company to require a medical exam, since the healthier you are, […]

What To Look At Within Your Home Insurance Policy

Home Insurance Coverage Options Having your home destroyed can be very traumatic, and can be made even worse if your insurance payout is not as much as you were hoping […]

How Your Teen Will Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Teens and Auto Insurance When your teen gets their license, it is not uncommon to feel a wide range of emotions. While you are happy that they have reached a […]

Properly Insuring Your Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer Insurance Travel trailers can be used in a variety of ways. From providing a permanent residence to hauling livestock, there are endless ways that you can use your […]

When Your Insurance Claim Can Be Denied

Denied Claims After a disaster, making a claim to your insurance company is the best way to ensure that any damages are properly repaired. However, there are some instances in which […]

How Marriage Will Affect Your Auto Insurance

Adding Your Spouse to Your Auto Insurance When you get married, you are combining your life with someone else’s, which can include their auto insurance. Most of the time, a marriage […]

How Much Home Insurance Do You Need?

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Needs Investing in the right homeowners insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you and your home are protected in case of any disaster. However, deciding just […]

If Your Tree Falls, Will Your Insurance Agent Hear It?

Insurance For Fallen Trees Trees are a great way to add value to your home while also adding a little extra beauty to your property. However, the bigger the trees […]

Car Hit By a Foul Ball? Now What?

Foul Ball Damage Neighborhood pickup baseball or football games are a great way for your whole family to get involved. However, it can also open the door to the chance […]

Choosing The Right Home Insurance Policy

Homeowners Insurance Basics Your house is probably the biggest financial investment you have ever made, which is why it is important to protect it with the right homeowner’s insurance policy. Whether […]

When Do You Need Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance 101 If you own and drive a car, you are required to have an auto insurance policy. However, there are many situations in which you may be able to skip […]

Life Insurance Policy Illustration Basics

What To Know About Your Life Insurance Illustration Life insurance is one of the most important insurance policies that you can invest in because it will provide coverage for your loved […]

Benefits of Gap Insurance Coverage

Gap Insurance 101 If you have both comprehensive and collision coverage with your auto insurance policy, you may think that you are covered from any peril. However, if you are […]

Can You Make a Claim For The Water Damage in Your Home?

Home Insurance Claims and Water Damage Water is a vital part of life. However, if you come home to find a few inches of water throughout your house, you could […]

Recreational Insurance Underwriting Process

Process of Underwriting of Recreational Vehicle Insurance A recreational vehicles is one of the best ways to enjoy different parts of the country while still taking along some of the […]

Common Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

Life Insurance Mistakes When looking for the right life insurance policy, many people think that lying to their insurance provider will lead to better deals. However, any little mistakes, either […]

How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Texas Auto Insurance Basics Investing in the right auto insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you stay safe while on the road. However, trying to figure out […]

Do You Need An HO8 Policy?

HO8 Home Insurance Policy Basics When looking for the right homeowners insurance policy for your house, you may be surprised to find that there are many different types of policies […]

Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Life Insurance Myths Life insurance is one of the most important insurance policies that you can invest in since it will provide financial protection for your loved ones after you […]

Pros and Cons of Term Life Insurance

The Good and Bad of a Term Life Insurance Policy A life insurance policy is one of most important insurance policies to invest in, as it provides financially security for […]

Simple Holiday Travel Tips

Stay Safe With These Holiday Travel Tips The holiday season is in full swing, which means that you may find yourself packing your bags to visit loved ones far away. […]

Enjoy your Holidays With These Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips With the holidays right around the corner, you may find that your mind is going a million miles a minute, making sure you have all the right […]

Common Homeowners Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Common Homeowners Insurance Mistakes Investing in the right homeowners insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you and your home are protected from any unfortunate situation. However, not every homeowner’s insurance […]

Be Thankful And Careful: Tips To Keep Your Thanksgiving Safe

Thanksgiving can be a busy time of year with all the parties and events for entertaining family and friends. Do not let your guard down, because this can be a […]

Do Not Miss Out On Life, Wash Your Hands And Stay Healthy!

With the changing of the seasons, the colder temperatures mean that our immune systems are more vulnerable. With flu season upon us and the recent Ebola outbreaks, keeping yourself healthy […]

How to Deal with Weather Effects on Homeowner Insurance Rates

Insurance is a necessary expense to make sure that you and your family are protected in case of any unfortunate situation. Unfortunately, extreme weather conditions such as floods and tornadoes […]

Adjust to the End of Daylight Savings Time with These Tips

Daylight savings time has recently come to an end. While you may think that the extra hour of sleep means that your whole day will go better, there can be […]

Claim Filing Tips For Business Owners!

  Attention business owners! If you have yet to file a business insurance claim, are you confident in your ability to properly handle the proceedings? If your business is threatened […]

Save Big With CloseBuy Discounts!

  Do you like discounts? Do you like saving money and being able to buy more of the things you need without worrying about the financial repercussions? If so, let […]

9 Driver Safety Tips For Halloween Night!

Summer has come and gone and fall is knocking on our doors! Halloween will be here before we know it! While it’s important for parents to be well versed in […]

Texas Night Out Is Tuesday, October 7th!

Attention residents of Colleyville! Have you penciled in Texas Night Out into your planner? If not, consider this a save the date! On Tuesday, October 7th you’re invited to come out […]

7 Ways to Manage After-School Activities

You have had a few weeks to try and manage your child’s after-school activities, but no matter how well you plan, you feel as if this is the most hectic […]

Insurance Discounts For Going Green

Are you one of the many individuals committed to going green and making a positive impact on our beautiful planet? Many of your efforts to go green are appreciated by […]

5 Unique Auto Insurance Premium Factors

Many motorists fail to realize that many of their life decisions and actions affect their auto insurance premium. Despite popular belief, your auto insurance premium is not a stagnant number. […]

Young Adults Need Disability Insurance Too

While you may be inclined to view disability insurance as a commodity intended only for the elderly, disability insurance benefits anyone who is constrained by finances. No matter how young […]

Questions That Can Save You Money On Car Insurance

Many agents selling auto insurance often don’t discuss everything about your policy with you because they assume that you’re going to read it. Let’s be honest, no one reads the […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Finding The Right Coverage

If you’re looking for places to save money, homeowners insurance should be your last stop. Finding the right insurance and pricing that works for you is tough but it can […]

Whats The Buzz About Storage Unit Insurance

A storage unit is something we use to protect some of our most prized possessions but even in storage your possessions could be at risk without the right coverage. Storage […]

Common Liability Claims That Can Effect Every Homeowner

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities and one of the highest priority is getting the right coverage. If  a guest is injured in your home and your home insurance […]

Save Big on Your Auto Insurance With Odd Discounts

Auto insurance is something that you need but in most cases it can cost way too much. Auto insurance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, there are […]

Driving Habits That Can Lead To an Expensive Ticket

Tickets are expensive and can stay on your driving record making insurance rates go up. Changing your driving habits can lower your chances of getting a ticket and help you […]

Swimming Pools & Liability: Two Peas In A Pod

With a swimming pool comes a ton of fun, as well as a ton of liability. On average, there are about 4,200 swimming pool related deaths each year. The majority […]

Roommates Up Your Insurance Risk

Finding roommates to help lower the cost of your rent can be both emotionally and financially satisfying. But, did you know roommates might increase the cost of your insurance premium? […]

4 Questions To Ask Your Agent About Your Vacation Home

Summer has arrived, and you finally have the time to take your family away for a relaxing week at your vacation home! You pull up to the house, and a […]

Tips For Terrific & Safe Tailgating

Attention football lovers! If you love football, you probably love spending a few hours before the game tailgating! If you put enough thought into your preparation, you can make for […]

College Students: Tips To Help You Save That Green

College is all about expanding your horizons, and finding your passions. However, it is also the first time that students have had to budget their money. From tuition to utilities, […]

How Many Years Of Work Does It Take To Be Able To Afford A Car? Shocking!

You’ve done it! You’ve worked hard, and can finally purchase that beautiful new car you’ve had your eye on for years! But, have you thought about how much your car […]

Summer Camps: An Exciting Business, Especially for Insurers

Everyone has fond memories of attending summer camps as a child. Long warm nights spent in a cabin away from home, possibly for the first time. It’s even an exciting […]

Tips for Buying Good Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a safety net against financial loss and provides peace of mind. However, the process of setting it up can be extremely confusing. By following a few basic […]

3rd Annual Extortion 17 Memorial Ride, August 2nd, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA – The Third Annual Extortion 17 Memorial Ride will be held on Saturday, August 2, 2014. The Memorial Ride is dedicated to the memory of 30 active duty […]

Ways That Renters Can Minimize Their Carbon Footprint

Reducing our impact on the environment and planet is both socially conscious and necessary for the preservation of natural resources. Even though renters don’t own the building that they live […]

Your Homeowner’s Policy: Not As All Encompassing as You Think?

Every good home owner knows that homeowner’s insurance is essential to keeping your investment safe and making sure that a disaster does not leave you without a roof over your […]

Driving Defensively Can Save You Cash

When they are first learning to drive, everyone learns that defensive driving is the best way to keep yourself safe. If you are aware of your surroundings, you are much […]

Finding the Right Auto Insurance

Finding the right automobile insurance is a balancing act between obtaining the best coverage and finding the lowest cost. Insurance needs vary based on lifestyle and a variety of other […]

Preparing Your RV Before Storing It

Are you about to store your RV away? Before you do so, you may want to consider the following tips. Empty out all of the fluids from the RV before […]

Memorial Day – A Time to Reflect and to Stay Safe

  As Memorial Day approaches on May 26th, it is important to remember the reason for the observance. It is in recognition of the men and women who gave their […]

Business Insurance ‘Dumbed down’

After creating and building your business you must protect it with insurance. In order to secure your business it is essential that you understand business insurance to fully protect it. […]

Financial mistakes people in their 20s are making

Life is, among other things, a learning experience. Young Millennials are learning as they grow, but some trends have developed displaying a few consistent financial mistakes.   Not budgeting   […]

Why You Need Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Many motorists are confused about the various insurance coverage options available for their vehicles. One of the often misunderstood policies is the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. What is Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage? The […]

BBQ Safety Season

It’s that time of the year when backyard grills will be fired up more often across the country. Perhaps nobody likes to BBQ like those of us in Texas. As […]

Flood Insurance Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Many homeowners don’t think about flood damage until it occurs at their home. That’s when they learn that traditional homeowner policies don’t cover flood damage. As flooding can occur from […]

Prepare for Spring Storms in Texas

While spring brings lovely weather to Texas, this season also brings an increased risk of severe storms, including tornadoes. To prepare for storm season in Texas, consider these three tips. […]

Are You Ready To Get Back On Your Boat This Season?

Now that Spring has sprung, so to speak, it’s time to prepare your boat again before getting out on the water. Here, you’ll find a short checklist to help ready […]

Easter in Texas: Fun Activities for All

Easter is a time for decorating eggs, Easter egg hunts and other fun activities, especially for the smaller children. For fun, safe ways to celebrate Easter, while avoiding the messes, […]

Determining Excess Liability Insurance Needs

Liability insurance covers your business from financial losses due to lawsuits brought against your company and other damages that you cause. Excess Liability Insurance covers financial losses that are above […]

What to Expect with Extreme Weather Patterns in 2014

The winter of 2013-14 has proved to be quite the cold, violent and wet season for states all across the nation. Here at The Schwab Agency of Colleyville, Texas we […]

Moving? Don’t forget to update your insurance coverage

Those who are moving may be overwhelmed with everything their relocation involves. Moving involves finding a new home, packing up the old home, renting a truck and getting everything organized […]

Have A Disaster Plan For Your Business? You Should!

Starting a small business requires a great deal of time as well as financial and other resources. In the process of building the business, many small business owners overlook or […]

Tips for Spring Household Maintenance

Use these spring maintenance tips to make sure that your home is in shape for the coming warm weather. Check your Roof You may want to get out a ladder […]

St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips for People who Live in Texas

The Schwab Agency wants to remind clients to observe a few St. Patrick’s Day safety tips. Of course, the number one rule to follow is to refrain from driving a […]

Small Business Tips to Save on Taxes

Small businesses face numerous challenges that differ significantly from those faced by large, publicly-traded organizations. Two of these primary challenges involve — Taxes, and Finding affordable business insurance. Business Tax […]

March Ushers in Spring and Warm Weather Activities

Daylight Savings Time is slated to take effect again on Sunday, March 8, so remember to "Spring forward" before you go to bed Saturday night.  Won’t it be nice to […]

Insurance Coverage: Know Your Options

If you are shopping for auto insurance, it can be difficult to know what options you should take. You may have chosen an agent recommended to you from relatives or […]

Know the Facts: Uninsured Driver Coverage

Insurance coverage is important; accidents can happen anywhere and to even the most careful drivers.  But what happens if you and your vehicle are involved in an accident where the […]

Workers Comp: Lower Your Insurance Premiums

In any business, you must have insurance to protect you and your workers from loss in the event of catastrophe. You carry workers compensation coverage so that your employees are […]

The Right Protection for your Family’s Needs

Is your life insurance offering you and your family the best protection?  If anyone in your family has special needs, then having the right coverage is even more important. Ask […]

Costly Repairs Await Drivers Who Ignore the Car’s Needs

Car care is essential for the longevity, and reliability, of your chosen mode of transportation.  Consistent maintenance can prevent major repair bills.  The owner’s manual contains the recommended actions for […]

Things to do in Colleyville

If you’re thinking of getting involved in community events, the Schwab Agency has got you covered.  Here are a few fun happenings going on in the Colleyville area! On February […]

How To Plan A Home Renovation

Renovating your home can be a daunting prospect, but if you have planned it well, it is a rewarding one that adds value to your property as well as enhancing […]

Tips for Driving your RV Safely during the Winter

Traveling during the winter months can be especially harrowing whenever you are driving an RV. Here are some safety tips you can use to help avoid a claim against your […]

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Review and Renew Your Coverage

The start of the new year is a good time for Texas families to review their insurance policies and decide whether the coverage they have fits their family’s needs. As […]

What To Consider Before Making The Gift Of A Car

Buying cars as gifts for loved ones has been shown in commercials by nearly every major manufacturer, but this practice actually takes quite a bit of planning. Rushing out to […]

Protect Next Year’s Holidays By Putting This Year Away Right

What are the things that frustrated you when this year’s holiday decorations went up? Now is the time to figure out how to solve those problems so that next year’s […]

Start the New Year off Right by Attending one of these Colleyville, TX Events

Looking for something fun to do this winter? If so, you may want to check out one of the following events that are coming up soon. 1. Gentle Stretch Yoga […]

Christmas Fun in the Fort Worth, Texas Area

Fort Worth, Texas is one of the warmer places in the United States in which to celebrate the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the Christmas […]

Have Fun in Colleyville, Texas This Christmas

Get out this December and enjoy the many events that Colleyville, Texas offers to help you get into the holiday spirit. Breakfast With Santa The Colleyville Lions Club serves breakfast […]

Decorating Safety Tips You Should Keep In Mind This Holiday Season

Once the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten and the leftovers are put away, people will be taking out the Christmas decorations to deck their halls with holiday cheer. Yet you also […]

Simple and HOT! Christmas Pickles!

Christmas is always a great time of year and creating unique and fascinating recipes for the holiday season is a tradition for many families. Granted, the old standards like turkey and […]

Stay Toasty Warm and Safe: Fireplace Safety Tips

Having a fire burning in the fireplace might seem like an ideal way to keep your home warm in the winter. But, more than a third of all home fires […]

Our Holiday Hours

Greetings and Happy Holidays from The Schwab insurance Agency!  Over the holiday season, we like to spend as much time with our families as we can.  We are also, as […]

Hurricane Season: Are You Ready?

There comes a time in every year when hurricanes become something to be concerned about. You watch the weather on TV, you check the weather online and, when a big […]

Four-Wheel Drive Doesn’t Mean Bulletproof!

With winter weather comes snow, ice and mud and, for many of us, the desire for a four-wheel drive vehicle. While having a 4×4 or AWD (all wheel drive) vehicle is […]

Kick Off the Holiday Season With the Holly Colley Holiday Event – Fun For the Entire Family

The holidays are upon us and there are plenty of festivities for you and your family to enjoy.   Colleyville, Texas is suburban living at its best and the upcoming events […]

Is Your Home And Car Ready For Winter?

Winter will be here before you know it and the last things you want to worry about are your home and your car. That means you need to prepare them […]

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen safety is always important but even more so during holiday cooking. Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings around delicious meals and savory desserts fit for the occasion. By […]

The History of the Thanksgiving Holiday

With the Thanksgiving Holiday right around the corner, many of us have begun to brush off our cookbooks, make a guest list, and begin general preparations for the upcoming holiday. […]

Auto Insurance: Know Your Options

When it comes to your auto insurance, do you just purchase the first policy you are offered–ensuring you have the coverage you need so you don’t break any laws? If […]

Fall Recipe: Coconut Curry Butternut Squash

Enjoy the harvest season with a yummy fall recipe that transforms a mildly sweet butternut squash into a spicy and warming dinner. Plus, this dish is vegan and gluten-free, making […]

Enjoy Spending Time with Your Family and Friends at Halloween Events in Dallas, Texas

Representatives who work at The Schwab Agency want you to have a good time with your kids on Halloween. From block parties to annual costume parties and special haunted house […]

Fun and Festivities in Fort Worth

Want to get involved in a fun event with family or friends? Check out the 6th Annual Trinity Bright Halloween 5K/1 Mile Fun Run that will take place on Saturday […]

Valuable Articles Insurance – What do you need to know?

Insurance is a complicated matter–especially if you have valuable articles in your home. You want to make sure you have all the protection you need, but you don’t want to […]

Homeowners Insurance and Home Replacement

You may wonder exactly what your homeowners insurance covers. You know that if a storm were to damage your roof that the insurance would cover a roof repair, but what […]

Hailstorms: Could They Lead to Increasing Rates?

Recent hailstorms in Texas have many people surveying damage and making claims on their homeowners insurance. After all, that is what homeowners insurance is for. When weather damages your home, […]

Different types of life insurance

Life insurance can be divided into two main types: whole life and term life. Both have distinct advantages and usually one is more preferable over the other, depending on your […]

Annie’s Golf Classic

September 23 at Annie’s Golf Classic will be the opportunity for the community to come together and give back to those in need. This Texas event offers friends and family […]

Autumn Home Checklist

The summer is coming to a close and as the seasons change the days get shorter, the leaves start changing colors, the weather gets cooler and outdoor family fun activities […]

Football Season is Here! Check Out These Recipes

Food is an integral part of any football gathering. Next time you’re inviting friends and family over to cheer on your favorite team try one of these great football party […]

I have a new driver in the family! What info do I need?

When there is a new driver in the family, there are a number of factors to consider. The very first thing parents must think about is the driving situation for […]

10 River Safety Tips for Summer Fun

When most think of summer, they think of fun in the sun and getting a chance to finally have some quality family fun time. The best thing to do on […]

Boating Safety Should Always Come First

There are a ton of different lakes and rivers throughout Texas and you can enjoy them all. Whether you are taking jet skis out in the Gulf of Mexico or […]

Exploring The Grapevine Farmers Market

The Grapevine Farmers Market is a great way to check out what the community has to offer with family and friends. Held Thursday – Saturday, there are some great vendors […]

Local News: State Farm charges far more than rivals to cover Dallas area homes

Click here for more from Dallas News State Farm claims representative James Benoy talked with Thomas Keener of Arlington about damage from a water pipe break during a freeze in […]

How To Enjoy Trinity River Events

There are some great Trinity River Events that take place around the year. While the Trinity River and the basin extends through a variety of different towns in the state, […]

BBQ & Grilling Safety This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to be grilling amongst friends and family. When you have a party, you want to be cautious at all times because of the heat […]

Family Fun At The Coyote Drive-In Theater!

When it’s time to choose a place for family fun, the Coyote Drive-In Theater in Fort Worth is a great option. Many people see the drive-in as something that is […]

Customer Insight On A Recent Uninsured Motorist Claim

Below is feedback from a customer regarding a recent uninsured motorist claim. Dear Schwab Agency, I want to update you on the status of the uninsured hit and run claim […]

Do I need sewage backup protection?

Most of Colleyville, Texas is situated within the 100 year flood zone. What this means to homeowners is that each year you have a 1/100 of chance of being flooded. […]

What’s going on? Insurance Market Trends for 2013

It’s very important to have insurance, no matter where you are in Texas. The world is changing and moving fast, and business has to move with it. The trends for […]

Storm damage? Insurance and clean up questions answered

The aftermath of a storm and all of the damage that severe weather can cause should be no surprise to most people in Texas. The big question following a storm […]

Before adventuring, make sure your recreational vehicles are up to date on insurance.

The Schwab Agency would like to take this opportunity to remind readers of the importance keeping RV insurance up to date. Because insurance laws and state laws change frequently, it […]

Texting and Driving? There’s an App to Stop That!

Text messaging and driving is never safe. Drivers who text are roughly 23 percent more likely to get involved in a crash. When it is hard to put safety first […]

A Little Bit About Us!

This summer, we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary–that’s 20 years of insurance service to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. We started this company back in 1993 after owner Sam Schwab retired […]

Welcome to The Schwab Agency Blog!

Thank you for checking out our new blog, your resource for insurance information in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We know how important education is to make sure that you are […]

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