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Welcome to the auto insurance section of our Web Site. This section covers the basics of auto insurance. If you would like to get a quote on various types of automobile insurance simply complete and submit the appropriate form. Texas auto policies are changing. Some automobile policies offer important new features including new car replacement coverage, vanishing deductibles, GAP coverage, accident forgiveness, and no-charge automatic monthly bank-draft payment plans. Other changes reduce the time to report newly acquired vehicles, and the coverage for a rental car. We sell a complete array of auto policies from leading insurers.


Auto Liability Coverage

Every part of the United States requires a minimum auto liability coverage in order to legally operate a vehicle. While auto liability coverage will not cover your own expenses related to property damage, it will cover others’ property damage in an accident to which you are at fault. Auto liability insurance will cover you when operating your own vehicle or when operating another person’s vehicle with permission from the owner.
Auto liability insurance has two types of coverage; Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. Bodily injury liability will covers medical expenses, lost wages etc. of other parties’ in an accident in which you are at fault. Property damage will cover the other parties’ property that was damaged in an accident to which you are at fault.

Auto liability coverage is a staple part of auto insurance coverage so it’s important to take the time to speak to an agent and find the right coverage to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive auto coverage will cover any losses or damage to your vehicle aside from actual automotive accidents. Comprehensive auto coverage will cover your vehicle if it is damaged by virtually anything else (natural disasters, vandalism, theft, etc.) Pair your comprehensive auto coverage with other coverage to get full protection for you property.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will cover damage done to your vehicle in an auto accident. Accidents that are eligible for collision coverage include collision with another vehicle, an object, a building and in the case that your vehicle is rolled over. As well, collision coverage will help to replace your vehicle if it has been totaled. Talking to an agent can help you find the right amount of collision coverage for your vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection is mandatory in some states in order to operate an automobile. PIP coverage will not only cover bodily injury done to you by result of an accident, but will cover the passengers in your vehicle or anyone driving your vehicle with your permission as well. PIP will also cover a large portion of costs for rehabilitation, lost earnings, funeral costs and more. Although personal injury protection isn’t required in all states, it is a smart coverage to have as part of your policy.

Underinsured Driver Coverage

In the case that you are involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault and does not have extra insurance to cover the total of your losses, underinsured driver coverage will help you. Underinsured driver coverage will help by paying for medical expenses and sometimes lost earnings, property damage, and more. While most states don’t require it, underinsured driver coverage is also a smart precautionary coverage to add to your insurance policy.

Uninsured Driver Coverage

Uninsured driver coverage will help cover you in the event that you are in an accident with a driver that carries no insurance, carries too little insurance by state regulation, or flees following the accident. Like underinsured driver coverage, uninsured driver coverage will help cover medical expenses for you and the passengers in your vehicle. Depending on your policy, your uninsured driver coverage may also help cover the cost of a rental car or also damage to your vehicle.

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Purchasing auto insurance online has never been as easy as it is today. With a few clicks, the entire process can be finished in a few short minutes. Unfortunately, because the process is so streamlined, individuals will often skip essential research and understanding of the auto insurance policies they are purchasing. Knowledge is the key to properly insuring your vehicle and your safety. Speaking to a licensed auto insurance agent can help you learn the facts and more.


Talking to an insurance agent is a great way to start learning all of the insurance options available to you. An auto insurance agent can enlighten you on insurance state regulations, budgeting and policy costs, and more. Talking to an agent can help you be informed about discounts available on your policy as well. Some of the discounts that are often overlooked when purchasing auto insurance include: safe driving record discounts, multiple car discounts, alumni association discounts and more. Make sure to ask your agent if you are eligible for discounts on your insurance policy.



Every driver is different and therefore, needs to find the right auto insurance coverages to form his/her particular policy. Working with an auto insurance agent will give you a customized experience when it comes to finding the right insurance policy for you. Not only will they compare rates and pricing between different policies, but they can also help inform you about risks with certain limited coverages and more. Arming yourself with a personalized policy, with the help of your auto insurance agent, can aid you in protecting your property while saving you money as well.



Getting in an accident can be an extremely traumatic and personal experience. Qualified insurance agents are always there to help you in these times of need. Should the time ever come, your auto insurance agent will always be there to help you work with your carrier and you get back on your feet and back on the road.

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We hope everyone is doing their part to protect themselves and their loved ones during these hard times, and thank everyone for understanding our decision to do our part to help protect our staff and those in our community.

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